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Dear diary; as you know, trusting my wife after her comencement was not always easy. I love her dearly, and I was never of the jealous type. But as anchor of the baroness of Infidelity, is often awkward seeing her flirt with angels and demons with me standing by her side. It comes with the job, but while I know she will always love me, I can't stop feeling sorry for the competition.

~ Phineas Ventura on Confessions of a Loyal Husband/Servant

What is an Anchor?[]

An Anchor is a mortal whom a Noble either loves or hates and whose soul has been bound to the Power's. This is accomplished via the Servant's Rite, which requires the Anchor-to-be to swallow either the blood or tears voluntarily given to them by the Noble. After this, the mortal becomes an Anchor. This Noble-Anchor bond remains until either one dies or until the Noble renounces the Anchor, at which point it is most likely that the Anchor dies (or is left completely brain dead or insane). A Noble can have a number of Anchors equal to their Spirit rating +1.

An Anchor can pray to their Noble, who may listen or ignore the prayer. A Noble may also speak directly to their Anchors mentally, sense things with their Anchors' senses, or even assume direct control over them and act through them. Any Miracle may be worked through an Anchor, though Aspect Miracles are more difficult to do so (depending on the Noble's Spirit). Anchors also share their Noble's fundamental allegiances: the Noble's Imperator, Chancel, Affiliation and Estate. Anchors also resist Direct Miracles, much like other Nobles. They also attract the attention of Fate, and are often subject to ever increasing numbers of strange occurrences.