When I ran my first Nobilis game, I combined my obsessive love for Nobilis with my chronic geekdom, and created a set of Nobilis PDF character sheet that you can edit and save digitally. Not only can you type in some prose into these sheets. Oh no! They are smart!

How smart? Well, you can click the level of an Attribute, for example ‘Domain, level 2' and the sheet will give you your character’s official title of ‘Viscount’. Declare your ‘Code’, for example ‘Heaven’ and your Code’s three tenets will automatically be displayed for easy reference. Have a hard time keeping track of the many options for ‘Gifts’? No worries! Helpful dropdown boxes will help you stay on the straight and narrow.

So go on! The sheets are hosted on the author's site (so I can update them in one place) over at the Editable Nobilis Character Sheets page where you can download the sheets. They are all editable and super-funky!

(Not updated to the Unlikely Flowers add-on.)