Thou Shalt Not Love Another Edit

Love is a lie: it claims to be beauty, but there are no lovers in Heaven.
Love is a weakness: it gives the Excrucians a possible hold on a Power's soul.
Eternal love will outlive Creation...but nothing can or will.
Ephemeral love is not love at all.
Therefore love is a lie, a weakness, and a contradiction.

Thou Shall Harm None Who Has Done No Harm Edit

The future matters not: a crime is always committed in the now.
The victim matters not: hypocrisy is the first tool of corruption.
The situation matters not: each action is its own.
All these things matter not: the innocent are the Nobles' charge.

Treat No Beast as Your Lord Edit

Surrender to no beast -- and man is a senseless bull.
Swear no oaths to beasts -- and woman is a witless doe.
Accept no insult from beasts -- and each child is a serpent.
Each submission to mankind is a drowning of the immortal spirit.

Protect No Power From the Justice of the Code Edit

Justice is the sentence of the Court.
Justice is the Code Fidelitatis.
Justice is the Wild Hunt that Lord Entropy calls.
Who guards a Power from Justice shares their crime.

Serve Thy Imperator Before the War, and the War Before Thyself Edit

Yours is your Estate: let no others subdue it.
Yours is your Familia: suffer not their desecration.
Yours is your Imperator: serve him before all else.
Better to ruin an ally than to suffer defeat.

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