Nobilis Wiki

Domain Basics[]

Domain determines how much control a character can exert over their choses estate. Domain Miracles range from level 0 Miracles, which allow one's Estate to give a cry for help, to level 9 Miracles which allow a Noble to globally change something about her or his estate. Most Domain Miracles have a Lesser and Major version. Lesser Miracles can affect a small area and will often eventually fade away. Major Miracles can create potentially global effects that will endure forever, unless changed by another Miracle.

Domain Titles[]

Nobles receive different titles depending on their Domain rating. From 0 to 5 Domain, these are Pawn, Baron/Baroness, Viscout/Viscountess, Marquis/Marchessa, Duke/Duchess and Regal.

Domain Miracles[]

The effects of a Domain Miracle depends upon the Miracle level.

  • Level 0 Miracles are Estate-Driven Divinations, which allow a Power's Estate to tell her about threats or damage to it.
  • Level 1 Miracles are Ghost Miracles, Miracles which are only partially real. Ghost Miracles can be shadows of Miracles of any other level.
  • Level 2 Miracles are Lesser Divinations, which allow a Noble to learn basic information about his Estate.
  • Level 3 Miracles encompass Lesser Preservations, allowing something from a Noble's Estate to be warded against something else, such as time, decay, or damage from a particular source.
  • Level 4 Miracles are Lesser Creations. With a Domain Miracle of this level, a Noble can create a localized, typical instance of her Estate. Worth noting is that whole objects need not be created: a Lesser Creation can make fire without heat.
  • Level 5 Miracles encompass both Lesser Destructions and Major Divinations. Lesser Destructions remove an aspect of a Noble's Estate from an area. These Miracles may also produce "negative" effects, such as cold fire or drying rain. Major Divinations allow a Power to know anything that his Estate knows.
  • Level 6 Miracles are both Lesser Changes and Major Preservations. Lesser Changes allow a Noble to alter something of her Estate. These Miracles allow it to rain diamonds or change where a door leads to. Major Preservations can permanently ward an object of a Noble's estate against potentially anything.
  • Level 7 Miracles are Major Creations, which allow for larger instances of a Power's Estate or Creations that are global.
  • Level 8 Miracles are Major Destructions.
  • Level 9 Miracles are Major Changes.