Domain BasicsEdit

Domain determines how much control a character can exert over their choses estate. Domain Miracles range from level 0 Miracles, which allow one's Estate to give a cry for help, to level 9 Miracles which allow a Noble to globally change something about her or his estate. Most Domain Miracles have a Lesser and Major version. Lesser Miracles can affect a small area and will often eventually fade away. Major Miracles can create potentially global effects that will endure forever, unless changed by another Miracle.

Domain TitlesEdit

Nobles receive different titles depending on their Domain rating. From 0 to 5 Domain, these are Pawn, Baron/Baroness, Viscout/Viscountess, Marquis/Marchessa, Duke/Duchess and Regal.

Domain MiraclesEdit

The effects of a Domain Miracle depends upon the Miracle level.

  • Level 0 Miracles are Estate-Driven Divinations, which allow a Power's Estate to tell her about threats or damage to it.
  • Level 1 Miracles are Ghost Miracles, Miracles which are only partially real. Ghost Miracles can be shadows of Miracles of any other level.
  • Level 2 Miracles are Lesser Divinations, which allow a Noble to learn basic information about his Estate.
  • Level 3 Miracles encompass Lesser Preservations, allowing something from a Noble's Estate to be warded against something else, such as time, decay, or damage from a particular source.
  • Level 4 Miracles are Lesser Creations. With a Domain Miracle of this level, a Noble can create a localized, typical instance of her Estate. Worth noting is that whole objects need not be created: a Lesser Creation can make fire without heat.
  • Level 5 Miracles encompass both Lesser Destructions and Major Divinations. Lesser Destructions remove an aspect of a Noble's Estate from an area. These Miracles may also produce "negative" effects, such as cold fire or drying rain. Major Divinations allow a Power to know anything that his Estate knows.
  • Level 6 Miracles are both Lesser Changes and Major Preservations. Lesser Changes allow a Noble to alter something of her Estate. These Miracles allow it to rain diamonds or change where a door leads to. Major Preservations can permanently ward an object of a Noble's estate against potentially anything.
  • Level 7 Miracles are Major Creations, which allow for larger instances of a Power's Estate or Creations that are global.
  • Level 8 Miracles are Major Destructions.
  • Level 9 Miracles are Major Changes.