Jameson Black is a Tibetan Dragon who hates how the Chinese occupation of his country and his own reaction to this events. As result, he turned to drinking and became an Alcoholic.

He is the Power of Storms for his ability to create small downpours with his Miraculous Power, but he is far disconnected from his Estate, Tibet, which explains why he has a foreign name.


5MP Aspect 2: Legendary

5MP Domain 2: Viscount

5MP Realm 0: Citizen

5MP Spirit 2: Incandescent Flame

Gifts and VirtuesEdit





Shape-Shifting (to Human and Dragon)

Limits and RestrictionsEdit

Restriction: Alcoholic

Restriction: Wants to free Tibet

Restriction: Hunted by Chinese government

Restriction: Forbidden to anything except holy scripts, robes, a few coins and a begging bowl

Affiliation: Code of Light

Wound LevelsEdit

2 Deadly Wounds (Durant)

2 Serious Wounds

2 Surface Wounds