Your plea moves me. Yet, as always, when I consider offering mercy, I must ask myself, "Do I wish to set this precedent?" Do I wish to set this precedent, esteemed Marchessa?

~ Lord Entropy, Imperator of Desecration, Destruction and Scorn

Lord Entropy, also known as 'The Darkest Lord', is the ruler of the Earth, leader of the Council of Four, holds dominion over all Earth-based Nobilis and is an Imperator himself. His nature is unknown, though commonly assumed to be a True God. He authored and enforces the Code Fidelitatis, a set of laws that govern Noble society on Earth.


Lord Entropy maintains three powers: Scorn's-Regal and Exemplar Joktan; Destruction's-Regal Baalhermon; and Desecration's-Regal Meon; all powerful individuals in their own right. It is said that they have power above the Nobilis norm, which they use to hunt down the enemies of Lord Entropy. When the Locust Court brings a Noble to trial for breaking the Code Fidelitatis one of these Powers is sent to oversee its judgement.

Other ServantsEdit

Lord Entropy is also served by the Cammora, a deeply corrupt mortal organisation, his Seeds, and by his Cossets. The Cossets are Noble-Hunters, residents of his Chancel.


The Chancel of Lord Entropy is an island in the Atlantic, with human inhabitants living in a city of black glass and silver limning. These Cossets, debased humans affected by his corrupting touch, hunt the strange monsters of the island for sport, and also partake in the Noble hunts.