Miracles are the means which players use to miraculously interact with the environment. For each Attribute there are exists a pool of Miracle Points that allow the Noble to perform Miracles related to the Attribute.

Miracles are enhancements of their Attribute scores.

Miracles are classified as following: Simple Miracles, Normal Miracles, Hard Miracles, Deep Miracles and Words of Command.

The mechanics behind Miracles are simple. If you want to perform an action, its success depends on whether the action is either mundane or miraculous. Mundane actions happen normally depending on the character's current situation and the whim of the Hollyhock God. Miraculous actions, on the other hand, have instant success unless foiled by an opposing counter-miracle or a nearby Auctoritas. The type of Miracle is derived by common sense. There are five kinds of miracles:

Divination - The act of collecting information or insight

Preservation - The act of preserving an existing thing from changes

Creation - The act of creating something, either from naught or from existing matter

Destruction - The act of destroying something, by either transforming or annihilating it

Change - The act of changing something, either into something related or something new

Each of this Miracles have a Lesser and Major form depending on the extent of the Miracle. It is the Hollyhock God's task to determine the required Miracle for a task.

For example, if the Power of Fire wanted to conjure a fireball, that might be a Lesser Creation of Fire. However, if he wanted to conjure a firestorm, that might be a Major Creation of Fire instead.

Alternatively, if he wanted to call upon a fiery bolt of plasma from a sunspot to fall upon his enemies there are two possible choices: Either a Major Destruction of the Sun (Fire), which would damage the Sun so it could react favorably to the Noble's wishes, or he could use a Word of Command and damage himself but leave the Sun unharmed. It's all about judgement.

Aspect - Body and Mind
Domain - The Noble's Estate(s)
Realm - The Noble's Chancel and everything in it
Spirit - Rites and Anchors