What is Nobilis?

Nobilis is a High-Concept Role Playing Game with no random elements within its mechanics.

What do I need if I want to play Nobilis?

One of the most important thing you will need is the Core Rulebook. You will also need players that also own a Core Rulebook or are familiar with the rules. Pencils and paper to take notes and off course "munchies" are essential, although other forms of media are possible.

Where can I get the Core Rulebook?

Last time I checked, there are prospects of a third edition coming out soon. In the meantime you can always buy an old copy from Ebay or download it illegally from the internet. I highly discourage both. You will either get robbed or rob the author, but downloading the PDF version of the book is the way to go.

I don't understand a word of the Rulebook! How am I supposed to decode the rules?

Mind boggling isn't it? That's Borgstromism for you, and the main reason I love this game. I'll try to do my best and make this Wiki a reliable source for rule-decoding Nobilis.

Why bother with a game that's nearly impossible to understand?

Because, it's a very interesting game that won awards and is simply a work-of-art. Anyways, that's the main reason for why I made this Wiki. Browse at you leisure.