I am the culling. Here to end your existance. Fear not for I shall not kill you, only assimilate you into my glorious being!

— Desild's final words to Saanen, the Power of Ice

Saudade... This weapon grieves in the hands of her master, she calls for a champion of creation to release her from the servitude of the Excrucians and wield her as she once was before becomming Abhorrent.

— Seravat, the Prophet in The Book of Flames: Chapter XIV, The Fourth Tempering

An abhorrent weapon wielded by Desild Frostmaim, an Excrucian soldier of debatable power.

Saudade's Gift: FrostmaimEdit

Weapon Type: Sword
Penetration: 3
Damage: Serious Wound
Domain: Viscountess of Ice
Focus: 12 DMPs

Saudade's blade becomes coated in a thin sheet of ice, which causes all the wounds made by its edge to be filled with tiny ice crystals which prevents such wounds from healing.

Saudade's Gift: Frostmaim
Type: Lesser Destruction of Immortality
Cost: 4 DMPs, must hit the target with a weapon attack
Description: Your weapon attack inflicts Dire Wounds on the target
(Target is unable to regain Wound points until the end of the Scene)

5 (Miracle Level) - 3 (Cost:Deep) + 3 (Penetration) + 3 (Rarity:Unique) - 1 (Uses:One Trick) = 7 CPs (Gift)

6 (Domain) + 12 (MPs) = 18 CPs (Focus)

Total = 7 (Gift) + 18 (Focus) = 25 CPs (Total)