Cant of the Strategists:

  1. Be strong in adversity.
  2. Be wise in decision.
  3. In action, be elegance itself.

Strategists are the leaders of the Excrucian horde, although they often lead from behind.

Another name for the Strategists is "Spinners", because they weave the stuff of anti-nature into the artifacts of the Damned. This is also the source of their power--the Strategists have no inherent ability to work Noble Magics. Instead, they spin the stuff of darkness into themselves, out in the Lands Beyond Creation.

Strategists are generally warped by the rise and fall of dark energies within themselves. They are the only Excrucians known to engage in perversion, desecration, and hate without "good cause". As Hell might put it, "They're almost human."

Their appearance does not reflect this nature. Only heavy clothing that conceals the face or Unblemished Guise can hide their impossible elegance.