The Superior Attributes are free design Attribute Types, that sometimes are used when creating (or using) monsters in campaigns, but can also be used by humans, animals, Nobles, or anyone else. Specifically, a character can take ranks in a particular subset of Aspect. This can vary from Superior Courage (or just Courage), Vitality, Strength, Stamina, Speed, Mind, Body, Soul, etc. Whatever name you can think of as long as its function is static and determined and could otherwise fall under Aspect. Any actions performed using a Superior Attribue function as if that action were done using an equal level of Aspect, but the action is considered non-miraculous.

These Attributes can range in rank from 0 to 9, and, unlike other Noble Attributes, the Superior Attributes don't grant your character titles. The maximum rank a given character can have in a Superior Attribute is determined by that character's Templates.

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