Heed the words of the Prophet
he who knows wisdom and glory;
As I to tell you the tales
of how a god befallen
from his pristine grace into
the fates of the forgotten
by the hands of one mortal:
the Champion of Flames

As I recall my memory
grim reminder of ages
allow me first to invoke
the whisperer that delivered
this tale into my ears
"Neiade, daughter of rivers
daughter of the seas,
spirit of insight and poetry"

"It is I Seravat, the Prophet
your friend and protegee
the time has come
come quickly to my side
there are words to be spoken
and written by me
and I cannot do it without
your assistance!"

As your eyes may not see
through this veil of words
Neiade is my most beloved Anima
she is the Sophia of my being
a muse daughter of Tagus
one out of five sisters
and is to she I owe inspiration
for the tale I will soon tell

"Seravat my friend,"
said the azure spirit
"have you called for me?"
"Yes my muse, I ask thee
to give me a final whisper
to shape the tales you
have spent so much time
retelling to me."

She consented and blessed my
being with the creativity
I so needed to begin my writtings,
A decade has passed since I first
summoned her, oh that faithful day...
But that's not a story we want to
to be recounting today.
And so it begins:

Somewhere far beyond,
in the conspicious nothingness
of the lands beyond creation,
there lied chaos and naught
corruption of order incarnated;
But listen, do not misinterpt me
we all descend from chaos
and live from its decay

There, the darken emptiness
was filled by the collective
sentience of a creature I cannot
even begin to understand;
For this genderless deity fathered
most of old gods in tales
told and retold by many
prophets, old and new;

And it was from this Chaos
that gave birth to the
pristine god known as:
Thaerdon the Sun God
In his convulsed birth
Thaerdon was given a great
deal of powers from his
patheonist spawning

Gods, we are made from their image
and as such they live forever
and eventualy they die
in a manner much similar to us
mortals, their birth is no different:
expeled fromm inside an egg
or inside a mother's womb,
birth is always a painful procedure

At first he was in a blank state
just his distorted charcoal body
with no mind to even understand
the intricate essence of self,
Ah, but this fledgeling god
was fated for many things
good, bad and atrocious
and he learned very quickly

Thaerdon first came into conscious
as he peacefully strolled
the vast planes of the void
when in a sudden moment, something,
maybe a comet of cosmic debrees,
colided with the apathic god,
while no damage came from it
the repercussions were dire

In a flight or fight reponse
he agressively tried to defend
himself from the attacker
but without mind or judgement
he could not measure his own power
and as such, in a display
of godly miraculous powers
the star named Nazus was made

Seeing light for the first time,
in a reality only made out of Chaos,
triggered something in Thaerdon's mind
at first small and frail it would
eventually grow with time.
Thaerdon's first emotion was fear,
and his second was awe
but his third emotion was, wonder

As he saw Nazus' corona flicker
and the solar disk cooling
planets formed in the warmth
of Nazu's light and Thaerdon could
not help but to wonder at the sight
of what he had acidently created:
«Na... Zus..." he thought,
thus language was created

Eons passed since Thaerdon's
genesis, and he still was no
more enlighted than an
ordinary elan child
In all that time spent
he came up with names;
thus he named all the
planets orbiting around Nazus:

The first he named Avelx;
burned to ashes by the fires
of Nazus blissed light
The second and third
he named them Lis and Noto;
made from water and alcanim
He named the forth Vinvidar;
where snow and rain fell

The fifth he named Augrepht;
covered in a mist veil
The sixth and seventh
he called Arucsu abd Arucsis
splitted in hald and ever stable
And for the eight and final
planet, he called it home:
Ubinar, the Outskirk World