What is a Domain? Well, one could see it as a single sphere of influence over a single aspect of creation but can we boil it down the complexed works of creation into a single word made from a mortal prespective?

The ones who perhaps got this questions answered were Aristotle and Kant. Their categorizations of reality, down to their most primal and contested forms, aproach this subject nicely. But thus, this is not I want to discuss here.

In order to exist a Noble, there must exist a Imperator. So a Power of Fire must be ennobled to an Imperator of Fire, who will in turn be a follower of the Code of the Wild. Question is, are there just one Imperator/Noble of fire?

So many centuries, so many gods. Are there also other Nobles in other cultures, sharing the office of Nobility with unknown nobles from the other side of creation? How many Dominus of Fire exist? How many regents of the sky are there?