I am the enlighter, mere fragments of Self. Here to carve the path to your masters' True Will. Do not interfere...

~ Thoth, the Thrice Great on the House of Three Truths

The egyptian god of Writing, Magic and Science. Thoth is an Imperator of astonishing magical prowess, capable of wielding nearly every Estate.

An unchanceled being, Thoth has made thousands of makeshift Chancels over the ages, most of them inside the minds of mortals. The hosts to such power are often blessed with creativity in the fields of science, writing and magic that surpasses even the most talented geniuses. His long list of chancels are called collectively Locus Senet and take the appearance of an underground tomb buried inside the host's mind. The tombs themselves have all thirty rooms with different symbolic meanings.


Aspect: 2
MP: 5
Domain: 7
MP: 27
Realm: -
MP: 6
Spirit: 4
MP: 12

Wounds: (D)x7 (S)x6 (U)x6

Domains: Writing (Primary), Magic (7), Science (7)

Equipment: First Sons Morning Suit (Focus: Passive Realm 6, Dignitas 6, RMP 6)

Unchancelled, a limit of Realm: Unlike most Imperators, Thoth doesn't have a Realm attribute and can only use Realm miracles through a Focus.


During combat, Thoth remains stationary while slinging offensive miracles from a distance. If assaulted at melee range, Thoth will repel the attackers with defensive miracles, often refocusing his own defenses.