Nobilis is a game of extremes, and in recognition of this fact characters may be given a Virtue as one of their hinderances during character creation. This is a character trait, such as 'Wise', 'Bold', 'Vicious' or 'Bitter', that the character examplifies in their every action. This is not meant as a roleplaying straight-jacket, rather as an important indicator of how that character deals with the world. In return for this restriction, the character receives four benefits throughout the game. Not all Nobilis possess Virtues; almost none possess two or more.


The character will always exemplify their trait, regardless of circumstances. No enemy may ever defeat a character so thoroughly as to remove their trait of 'Confident'.

Truth of the TraitEdit

As the character embodies their Virtue so strongly, there is no way that their enemies may stop them from attempting to acting in that way. This does not mean that the character will always find a successful way to act according to their Virtue; only that they can never be convinced, tricked or cheated from attempting to do so. A character with the Virtue 'Honourable' may well be faced with situations where they cannot reliably act in an honourable fashion; however they can never be tricked by their enemies into accidentally acting in a dishonourable fashion.


The character is supernaturally adept at spotting opportunities for fulfilling their Virtue. If a character had the 'Generous' trait, they may reliably assume that they will not overlook any opportunity to be kind to the needy, though they are not guaranteed of the ability to exploit that situation.

Miracle PointsEdit

Lastly, the character may receive a miracle point in situations where this hinderance has proven deeply detrimental to their character. This should be harder than for equivalent Restrictions, as the character receives three other benefits from their Virtue.

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