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Wounds are means to determine how much punishement a character can take before he succumbs to his own wounds and die.

They come in three varieties: Surface, Serious and Deadly


(U) - Surface Wounds
(S) - Serious Wounds
(D) - Deadly Wounds

(D)(D)(D)(S)(S)(U)(U) - Unmodified Wounds of an Aspect 3 Noble

All sources of damage have types. They can be Surface damage (Punches, Kicks, Scratches and Bruises), Serious damage (Daggers, Swords, Arrows, and certain kinds of Bullets) and Deadly Damage (Explosions).

Damage can be further increase thanks to damage multipliers. Normal (1x) is the damage in it's basic form, Severe (2x) where damage is more serious, Dire (4x) is a probably kill for many and lastly Excrutiating (8x) rarely done by mortal means.

Health and Damage Status[]

The effects damage has on a character, depends on how healthy that character is. A healthy character will take more damage when she is deadly wounded and a battered character will take less damage if he recieves any flesh wounds.

This is covered with status, which are updated as the character recieves damage.

Normal - Character is healthy and still has Surface wounds;
No penalties

Bruised - Character has suffered some minor injuries but still has Serious wounds;
All miracles cost one additional MP

Injured - Character has taken heavy damage but still has Deadly wounds;
All miracles cost two additional MPs

Dying - Character is near death and has no wounds left;
Can't perform actions of Miraculous nature.

Dead - A Character dies whenever he is damaged in a Dying state. The character has died from his injuries

Damage conversion[]

Wound Multipliers:

Normal Wounds - 1x
Severe Wounds - 2x
Dire Wounds - 4x
Excrutiating Wounds - 8x (Special)